CIFF2017: Saturday 6th May



10.45 am & 11.45 am

(advU) Chapter £4.50 (£4.00) Concessions £3.50 (£3.00). Advanced/Online ticket prices in brackets. Tickets available from and the box office.

Cloth Cat Animation present a fabulous selection of animated shorts for all the family. Due to unexpected popularity last year, we will be screening this selection twice.


1pm – 3pm

£4.50 (£4.00) Concessions £3.50 (£3.00). Advanced/Online ticket prices in brackets. Tickets available from and the box office.

Gozo (adv15) 85mins dir Miranda Bowen. UK

Sound recordist Joe and girlfriend Lucille escape to Malta to flee the fallout of a terrible tragedy. At first life is good and Joe and Lucille appear to have landed on their feet. But then Joe begins to hear strange sounds in his recordings and slowly their homespun paradise descends into something much darker. Followed by a Q+A with director Miranda Bowen.

Miranda Bowen’s GOZO, which won Best UK Feature at Raindance 2016, is a haunting and suspenseful drama with roots in classical mythology, the ghost stories of du Maurier, and the psychological horror of films such as Dark Water and Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. GOZO will linger in the mind like the hangover from a vivid and beautiful nightmare.

Katie Young with kind permission.

Moustique. Dir Gael André & Robin Berthier. 20 mins. France.

An obsessive man attempts to rid the world of the scourge of mosquitos.

The App. Dir Julian Merino. 15 mins. Spain

The App gives its customers step-by-step instructions to achieve happiness. One day, it tells Benito to jump off a roof…


3pm – 6pm

The Hook Up. Chapter First Space. Free entry.

Want to work in film? Want to find cast, crew and collaborators for your next project? Then come to the Hook-Up and meet the best in local production companies and mingle with
local and international talent.


3.45pm – 5pm

Chapter £4.50 (£4.00) Concessions £3.50 (£3.00). Advanced/Online ticket prices in brackets. Tickets available from and the box office.

CAN Animation Competition Showcase 1 (adv12)

We welcome back Cardiff Animation Nights who present their first block of animated shorts in competition from all over the world.

Joint Tenants

Dir: Delphine Priet-Mahéo, France, 11 mins 32 secs
Camille lives alone. But one day, a man discreetly slips inside her house and starts living in her home while she works.

Day, the Chef

Dir: Shuyu Xiong, China, 2 mins 34 secs
This animation presents the subtle connection between Beijing urban life and Beijing dishes.

The Psychedelic Rope

Dir: Liu Gaoxiang, China, 10 mins
In ancient China, after a long cruel war, a young magician walks to a ruined temple. The past emerges in his sight…

Courage to Make a Fool

Dir: Heather Colbert, United Kingdom, 3 mins 51 secs
Kazimir, an elderly clown, is lonely and tired. Backstage, he recalls his past, and rediscovers the joy of being foolish.

Blue Honey

Dir: Constance Joliff, Daphne Durocher, Fanny Lhotellier, France, 4 mins 45 secs
A small bee, allergic to pollen, discovers an extraordinary product that will dramatically impact the life of the hive…


Dir: Urte Zintler, Germany, 4 mins 30 secs
A woman, a road, the outland. A poetic debate on the issue of “home” and the experience of the outland as a new home.

V Ep I Nostal61a

Dir: Vincent Gondo, Abel Grape, Miguel Angel D Vas, Hoodlover Cuevas, Fran Shad Barajas, Spain, 3 mins 31 secs
V is the past, present and future of 61 Garage’s last album recording sessions.

The Box

Dir: Merve Cirisoglu Cotur, United Kingdom, 6 mins 48 secs
The precious belonging of a Syrian kid is a box, which is used for various purposes as a toy, a home and a boat respectively.

Rorschach Kristalle

Dir: Paul McKelvie, United Kingdom, 1 min 35 secs
An experimental, stop motion animation, exploring the famous Rorschach psychological technique. Tell me what you see.

The Orchestra

Dir: Mikey Hill, Australia, 15 mins
In a world filled with beautiful music, Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note.

Analysis Paralysis

Dir: Anete Melece, Switzerland, 9 mins 4 secs
Anton is lost in his own head until one day a yellow boot brings him to an exit.


5.30pm – 6.45 pm

£7.90 (£7.20) Concessions £5.80 (£5.10). Advanced/Online ticket prices in brackets. Chapter Tickets available from and the box office.

CAN Animation Competition Showcase 2 (adv18)

Cardiff Animation Nights present their second black of competition shorts.

There Is Still Life

Dir: Maxime Roz, Yann Jobin, Thibault Houdon, Canada, 6 mins 48 secs
A dark museum at night reveals wondrous worlds to one of his inhabitant.

Eye for an Eye

Dir: Steve Bache, Louise Peter, Mahyar Goudarzi, Germany, 4 mins 25 secs
Frederick Baer spent over a decade on death row in Indiana State Prison. He is still waiting for his death penalty to be executed.

To Build a Fire

Dir: Fx Goby, France, 13 mins
A man and his dog trying to survive in the overwhelmingly freezing and hostile nature of the Yukon Territory.

Final Call

Dir: Sara Barbas, Portugal, 11 mins 30 secs
A love story about Catarina (a cat) who bumps in to her old flame and ‘might-have-been’ lover Diogo (a dog) at airport security.


Dir: Heta Jäälinoja, Estonia, 4 mins 20 secs
Doorbell rings. Someone is at the door. But everything’s a mess.

The Nose

Dir: Sean Vicary, United Kingdom, 4 mins
An autobiographical journey through a landscape evoked by the physiological process of olfaction.


Dir: Ben Mitchell, United Kingdom, 3 mins 50 secs
Klementhro may not have it all, but at least he has his paddle. A cautionary tale.


Dir: Arwyn Hughes, United Kingdom, 3 mins 15 secs
The man and the road do battle across the desert, as one tries to kill the other.

Johnno’s Dead

Dir: Chris Shepherd, United Kingdom, 8 mins
Serving twelve years behind bars for a crime you didn’t commit focuses the mind. Everything becomes crystal clear.

Waves ’98

Dir: Ely Dagher, Belgium, 14 mins 50 secs
Disillusioned with his life in the suburbs of segregated Beirut, Omar’s discovery lures him into the depths of the city.

7.15pm – 9.15pm

£7.90 (£7.20) Concessions £5.80 (£5.10). Advanced/Online ticket prices in brackets. Tickets available from and the box office.

The Great Unwashed (adv15) 82 mins dir Louis Fonseca. Wales.

A hapless twenty-something is forced to flee the city and hide out with a tribe of hippies after witnessing a brutal murder by a gang of criminal hairdressers.

That’s the synopsis , but Edinburgh Fringe comedy duo Horse and Louis (aka writer/director Louis Fonseca and co-writer/actor Nick Horseman) stuff the 80 minute running time with well-timed visual puns that recall the Zucker/Abrahams team (Airplane!, Naked Gun, and the original Kentucky Fried Movie).

Laura Beynon

Belle and Bamber dir Alex Forbes UK 15 mins

Is Belle, a ten year old with a thirst for adventure, finally outgrowing Bamber, her psychotic imaginary friend? From the makers of Sunday Dinner With The Morgans, which was nominated for Best Short at CIFF2015 and picked up by Sky Arts.

The Blondes dir Carlota Martínez Pereda. Spain. 17 mins

Blonde, pretty and delinquent. Nothing stands in the way of Marta and Pepa – except another blonde. This tale of credit card fraud, stolen identity and blonde ambition is based on a true story.



Chapter Media Point Tickets available from and the box office.

Skwigly Animation Quiz

Join Steve Henderson and Ben Mitchell from Skwigly Online Animation Magazine and the Skwigly Animation Podcast as they invite you to pit your wits and test your animation knowledge against fellow festival goers in a fiendishly fun Animation Quiz. There are fabulous prizes to be won, so gather up that grey matter and get your pencils at the ready for the ultimate animation brain teaser!