Constitution & Conduct

Constitution of the Cardiff Independent Film Festival

The name of the organisation shall be “The Cardiff Independent Film Festival” abbreviated when appropriate to “CiFF”

Aims and Objective

  1. To organise and promote an annual film festival aimed at exhibiting new talent and encouraging grassroots filmmakers.
  2. To organise fund raising events for this festival.
  3. To maintain a high standard of openness and integrity in our submission and award procedures.


  1. To raise money through sponsorship, fund-raising events and charging submission fees to filmmakers.
  2. To promote the event via the internet, social media, broadcast media and press.
  3. To select a programme of films via a secret ballot amongst members of the committee.
  4. To appoint a panel of independent judges to vote on festival awards.
  5. To recruit volunteers to assist with the running of the festival.
  6. To form partnerships with businesses and other groups where it is beneficial to do so.


Membership shall be open to anyone who wishes to join and assist with the running of the festival. Where membership is considered detrimental to the aims of the group, the Committee shall have power to refuse membership.

Management Committee

The Group shall be administered by a management committee of no less than three, with other members being appointed to specific roles by mutual consent as and when required.


The Group shall have a committee consisting of: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and any additional officers the Group deems necessary to carry out the required activities.


(i) Any money acquired by the Group, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Management Committee in the name of the Group. All funds must be applied to the objects of the Group and for no other purpose.
(ii) Bank accounts shall be opened in the name of the Group. Any deeds, cheques etc relating to the Group’s bank account shall be signed by at least two (2) of the following committee members: Chairman; Treasurer; Secretary.
(iii) Any income/expenditure shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer who will be accountable to ensure funds are utilised effectively and that the Group stays within budget. Official accounts shall be maintained, and will be examined annually by an independent accountant who is not a member of the Group. An annual financial report shall be presented at the completion of the festival.


The group may be dissolved if decided on by mutual agreement by the Management Committee. Any monies remaining in the bank account shall be distributed to local arts charities at the discretion of the Officers.

UFFO Code of Conduct

1. Film Festival organisers should operate a transparent selection process and publish details of the selection process and the names of the Jury/selection committee (publication can be after a festival concludes)

2. Film festivals organisers should provide full contact details for the festival offices including address and telephone numbers and the names of the festival directors and or committee

3. A Film Festival should publish its legal status on its website (this only applies to a registered entity)

4. Film festival organizers should not under any circumstances share any personal financial data belonging to any filmmakers with any third parties

5. Film Festivals should publish a year by year history of festival winners and films officially selected

6. Film festival organizers, committee and or jury should not show or demonstrate any favouritism to any film submitted to the festival or attempt to influence other members of the jury or selection committee

7. Film Festivals should declare the number of films sought out and or invited by the festival organizers to participate in the festival prior to and before the general call for submissions is sent out

8. Film Festivals should provide the names of the selection committee and or jury members who viewed the submitted film screeners to the festival (this could be after the festival has concluded)

9. Film festival organizers should view at least 5 minutes of all submitted films

10. All Festival organizers should declare any conflict of interest that may arise from any film submitted to or invited to participate in the festival

Universal Film and Festival Organisation